Why don’t we all just agree on Global Warming?

May 19, 2014

Trying for a middle ground in the global warming debate – FAIL

Watts Up With That?

devil-handshake-agreementGuest Essay by Kip Hansen

David Victor, in a presentation in January at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography as part of a seminar series titled “Global Warming Denialism: What science has to say”, fairly recently highlighted here at Andy Revkin’s Dot Earth blog in the online International New York Times, made several very important points that I think that maybe we can, and should, all agree on, as a starting point to all of our subsequent discussions on “global warming/climate change”.

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Herman Cain!

November 11, 2011

This page was established a few years ago as a placeholder for me on WordPress. I have been blogging on Blogger since the Towers fell. Then came the 2012 primary season, and I became convinced that Herman Cain was the best hope for the future of the republican party. I was aware that another OG blogger I knew from a decade ago felt the same as I did, we spoke, and he proposed that we start a blog about Herman Cain. When Chris, who is more do-ish than I, got back to me the next day with the fait acompli that Cain Facts already registered, and the blog set up, I was thrilled. He hosted the blog on WordPress, so finally this page became useful. At least I already had a WordPress account!

That being said, my personal blog is at Zero Base Thinking.

Hello World!

December 14, 2006